Pet and Aquarium Supplier Of Turkey
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Pet and Aquarium Supplier Of Turkey
Sektörde sizin için operasyonlar yürütecek bir iş ortağına mı ihtiyacınız var?
Dünyanın lider markalarınından oluşan bir marka takımımız var
ve şimdi bu takımda yer almak istermisiniz ?

13 Ülkeden dünyanın önde gelen 28 markasına ait 6800 çeşit pet ve akvaryum ürününü tüm Türkiye’ye kendi araçlarımızla servis ediyoruz.

Türkiye’ de hizmet için çalışıyoruz.


Pet and Aquarium Supplier Of Turkey

Orijin Pet has started to run in Ankara in 1997. Since it was established, members of our working team are constituted by employees who are active, dynamic and specialists in their field. With our team that has been constituted since 1997, we prettified our experience and expertise in aquarium industry with the products of SERA, Leadig Global Brand. After having success with Sera Brand, we progressed rapidly at pet industry by obtaining exclusive Central Anatolia distribution right of PRO PLAN cat & dog foods that is included in NESTLE Turkey. We became an entreprise that contains the best quality products in the World in itself, after incorporating VITAKRAFT and HAGEN Brands. By year 2015, we became the “Vitakraft manufacturer solution partner”, title given by VITAKRAFT Germany.


Starting with R&D activities, we meet our brands whose all stages of production taken by us with the world and also export “Nature Plant” and “Polo” brands from Europe, Middle East to Far East countries.


R & D (Research and Development)

Araştırıyoruz, uyguluyoruz

We are researching, also implementing! We are enhancing the pet food, ancillary products and pet electronical devices which we produce for pets. We give priority to our little friends’ health in pet food production and test our enchanced products for their functionality and ingestion rate. Life safety is our priority in enchanced electronical pet devices which we produce. Our R&D activities on electronical pet devices are completed after patent procedures.


We are converting our experience that come from 1997 to production since 2011. We are providing products for our little friends with love from nature.



Turgut Özal Bulv. Demirciler Sit. No:124 Siteler/ANKARA - TÜRKİYE

+90 312 350 30 00

+90 312 350 30 60